Technical Writer / Content Writer

I have always enjoyed the challenge of researching and understanding complex subjects so that I can explain them in terms that are easy to understand.  It is also satisfying to argue and support positions and proposals in print.  And while content creation can be demanding, I am delighted to create material that the audience finds helpful.

My accomplishments include:

  • excerptCreated authoritative corporate white papers that persuaded my previous employer to make changes worth over 40 million dollars in yearly gross sales.
  • Established and documented processes, wrote technical procedures, created training material and documented software as part of my duties as an electronic engineer.
  • Built WordPress-based websites with content for a small social organization, and for my own business.
  • Developed and documented new science-based curriculum as a Program Counselor for Camp Quest West.

I am very interested in joining an environment where I can use my engineering and firmware skills in documenting application programming interfaces, or using help authoring tools to create help systems for online help or for software.

My background and eclectic interests allow me to be comfortable writing about non-profits, electronics, woodworking, the Maker community, embedded design and firmware, amateur radio, permaculture, and a great deal more.

What information would you like to present to your audience?  Let me help you plan and produce content your audience will enjoy!

Please feel free to download my Tech Writer Resume (PDF format), or check out my Upwork page and hire me for your freelance work.